About Us

Ok. Singaporeans are pretty well-known for applying problem solving techniques to every aspect of their lives. So much so that if you take away SWOT analysis from us ah, we’ll be lost like the zombies in “Train to Busan”.
But on the salah train going keblakang pusing.
And the train will sometimes stall because got signal fault.
Who’s fault?
The signal’s fault lor.


That’s why got this site.

We are simple people that like to play games, but these are trying times my friends. Outside got so many games, how to know which one to play? Sometimes we google for information, the feeling like sitting for GCE G Paper.

Our bro, Keat Seng (we call him Keats), said it best,

“Roses are red, violets are blue. Wa piang eh, the review read liao still liak boh kiew!”

As mentioned before, that’s why got this site. To give a uniquely Singaporean take on gaming related news. Read liao, confirm catch more balls than David De Gea.

Don’t say bo jio okay?